Hi. I’m Neil!

This is the story of this blog……

In 2014 I began writting my recipe blog neilshealthymeals.com.

From the start of writting that blog not only did it contain all of my recipes, but also lots of walking, holiday and some lifestyle posts.

In 2018 I was able to leave my IT Project Manager role and partially “retire” at the age of 46.

I was able to live off the advertising income from my food blog as well as the rental income from three properties I had purchased.

Leaving my full time role and career meant I could spend more time working on new recipes to further increase the advertising income I received. It also meant I had more time to enjoy. To walk and to do what I want with my time.

Shortly after Neils Healthy Meals became one of my sources of income and an online blogging business, I stopped adding any walking, holiday or personal lifestyle posts. Only concentrating on new recipes.

Walkingourway.com was originally created to move all of those non-recipe posts over to, rather than delete that content entirely. Which Google actually recommends if the content has little or no relevance to the overall blog topic!

Having spend many hours creating that content, my story, pouring my heart and soul into it, I hope other people might find it interesting too, maybe even inspiring.

This blog is dedicated to those of you creating your own adventures, pursuing your own dreams. Maybe even looking to begin retiring early as I have been able to.

As I continue working towards my current goal of full retirement at the age of 55, I hope that what has been published here, now and in the future too is of use to you!

I firmly believe that you should live your life by design and not by default. Remember, we’re only here once…….